FMP Thailand

FMP Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the brake pad manufacturing under brand “Bendix”; supply and sales Bendix products across Asia Pacific with a production base located in Rayong, Thailand for more than 25 years. We have vision to commit into safety of the braking system for people all over the word. We have dedicated profession engineering team in Australia to innovate and develop special formulation and technology for our customers. Our brake pads are as good as original equipment and have been recognized and acceptance from various OEM car manufacturers.

FMP History

FMP Group, as the company is now known, originated in 1955. The company was established by the BBA Group of the U.K and was known as Mintex Ltd. The company initially employed 30 people and was founded to manufacture friction materials for the emerging Australian automotive industry.

Eight years later, in 1963, The Bendix Corporation of the U.S.A. obtained a 51% share in the company and created the joint venture company, known as Bendix Mintex Pty. Ltd.

In 1965 Bendix Mintex commenced manufacturing Disc Brake Pads, which was followed by orders from original equipment manufacturers to become the sole Australian supplier of friction materials to local automotive companies.

Up until 1970 Bendix Mintex’s products were confined to passenger car and commercial vehicle brake linings and disc pads. In 1971 they acquired the Australian manufacturing operations of H.K. Porter who had a considerable number of Original Equipment contracts for clutch facings. As a result, the Company reinforced itself as a leader in the manufacture of automotive friction material.

In the 1970’s Bendix Mintex established an office in Singapore and appointed a company in New Zealand to manufacture products under licence, and in conjunction with the Repco Corporation, established strong export sales into North America. Also in the 1970’s Bendix Mintex made a decision to manufacture its own Backing Plates for Disc Pads. This provided the Company with the ability to produce a wide range of quality products to meet the needs of local and export markets.

During the 1980’s Bendix Mintex invested heavily in advanced manufacturing facilities and became Australia’s largest friction material manufacturer.

In November 2002 the company changed its name to FMP Group (Australia) Pty Limited, standing for Friction Materials Pacific, to more accurately reflect the product produced. FMP continues to market its product under the Bendix brand name.

In 2003 FMP invested heavily in developing ceramic products which were considerably more environmentally friendly.

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