Mechanics agree Euro+ brake pads from Bendix are the superior brake pad to supply and fit in European vehicles. Bendix is a long time supplier to the world's OE manufacturers and has lead the field of innovation for many years.

Mechanics Insist on Euro+

Mechanics agree Euro+ brake pads from Bendix are the superior brake pad to supply and fit in European vehicles. With superior performance only available in OE parts, Euro+ brake pads from Bendix is the only choice for European vehicles in your workshop. With this level of heritage, we understand the technology required to meet the exacting standards of the premium manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and Volkswagen to name a few. Euro+ brake pads from Bendix is the complete brake pad kit including all clips, pads, shims, sensors and more, where contained in OE equivalents so you can be assured that all components are the exact fit every time.

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Meets Strict European Regulations

The ECE Regulation 90 specifies the design, construction, and performance requirements and test protocols for strict European regulations. ECE R90 calls for brake pads to be tested for braking capabilities, speed sensitivity, cold performance, and may only deviate from the frictional characteristics of their original equipment counterparts by no more than 15%. When you fit Euro+ brake pads they meet ECE Regulation 90, which means you are fitting quality brake pads specifically designed for European vehicles and engineered for optimum performance, braking synergy and driving comfort.

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Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe

The new Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe is another improvement in brake technology developed by the Bendix engineer. The Blue Titanium Stripe adds a new level of stopping power straight out of the box. The original Titanium Stripe eliminated the need for bedding-in Bendix brakes saving you time and money, now the new Blue Titanium Stripe goes even further, lasting longer and creating the ideal brake pad and rotor surface to give better braking performance right after fitting.

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Product Comparison

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Bendix is the only OE supplier to provide the innovative technology and quality required to produce Euro+ brake pads. These brake pads incorporate outstanding characteristics that result in consistently safe and quiet braking and long running performance without fading. As shown below (Figure 1), Euro+ from Bendix delivers dramatically improved stopping distances over European OE brake pads and European dustless brake pads.

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Tests Prove Rims Stay Cleaner with Euro+ From Bendix

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Euro+ brake pads from Bendix contain no metallic fibres and are almost dust-free to keep vehicle wheels looking their best.

In order to obtain objective proof of the relative cleanliness of a rim, laboratory tests were carried out on a brake test stand, under consistently clean laboratory conditions, and a practical road test in traffic with all its incidental side effects.

A standard brake pad was used as the counterpart to Euro+ from Bendix and the aluminum rims were fresh from the factory. The practical road test, which was carried out under dry conditions, lasted approximately 1 month and was run over a distance of 1,560 km. While the laboratory test, as carried out under controlled conditions, was conducted over 2 days. The tests comprised of a driving profile of braking movements seen while driving in town, country roads and highways, in a mix that was as close to real usage. The tests carried out that measured the rim’s level of blackening using a chromameter, were impressive as they were objective. Compared to standard brake pads, Euro+ brake pads from Bendix produced significantly less dust (Figure 2).

Road Test Results

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Astute Mechanics Supply and Fit the Most Advanced Brake Pads

Euro+ brake pads from Bendix deliver exceptional, smoother and quieter braking for European vehicles. Made from of an entirely new material that includes ceramic compounds and excludes any abrasive metal particles, producing a virtually dust-free brake pad. Euro+ brake pad technology includes engineered chamfers and slots together with a back plate that is protected by a shim - absorbing noises generated during braking. As a result, Euro+ from Bendix offer optimum comfort. Euro+ brake pads from Bendix minimise noise development during braking so well that they have been established as the quietest pad on the market from the tests in line with SAE J2521. As shown in the graph below (Figure 3), extensive laboratory and practical tests revealed a significant reduction in the wear of the pad and brake disc.

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Cleaner Rims on European Vehicles

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